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How Well Does Your Kid Handle Refusals? : Tips for Parents

Parenting is such hard work. You know this to be true when you refuse your kids about something they want. While their reactions can be varied, it can range from crying, wailing, kicking, and perhaps the most challenging, tantrums. How we wish that kids can just take refusals in a stride, right? But just like … Continue reading

Want to Help Your Little One Manage Their Emotions? These Tips Are for You

Helping your child handle their emotions can help them develop social intelligence. They must learn how to develop empathy for other people as well as learn to express their needs and feelings. What they learn is vital to their happiness in life. Our Childcare Center in Texas wants to work with you in helping your … Continue reading

2 Ways to Make Kids’ Preschool Worry-Free

The things that go through the minds of parents while their kids are not with them are huge and infinite. Parents’ heads can get very creative imagining all logical possibilities and even the less logical ones. So many what ifs float around their minds. Of course, parents would always worry about their children, who they … Continue reading

3 Fears Parents Have About Their Kids Going to Preschool

Kids are fragile little things. Although they have diverse personalities even as children; at the core, they are all somehow the same. Some of them seem friendly, smart, and brave while others tend to be more anxious, innocent, and fearful. Whether they appear ready for school or not, parents’ minds are full of worries and … Continue reading