5 Fun Education Games to Play at Home for Children in Pre-School and DayCare Kids

We all know how children have so much fun learning in school. Some children love staying in school to learn more, have more fun – which helps with their social skills. Regardless of these facts, we all have to head home and rest. Yet, may the fun not end in school and be continued at … Continue reading

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The Positive Effects of Modern Technology on the Learning Habits of Children at Home

While there are many reasons why modern technology is not to be exposed to children at a young age, it could still be very beneficial to children under supervision. While it is still important to remind children of the importance of manual studying and enjoying the outdoors, the usage of computers and tablets in learning … Continue reading

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“Screen Time” Time-Out: 6 Best Learning Activities for Kids Offline

Taking your kids’ screen time off doesn’t have to mean that they’re being punished; they just have to be aware of the other fun alternatives. Leaving them to their own devices (literally) could make them highly dependent on the internet for entertainment, they should know that there’s a world outside the internet where they could … Continue reading

Sponge-Brained Toddlers: 4 Major Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Children learn mostly from imitating whatever they see in their environment, but this isn’t the only factor that could shape your child’s development. As it turns out, learning a second language could also be beneficial to children in the long run because it: Expands their cognitive capacity Dr. Olenka Bilash of University of Alberta defines … Continue reading