2 Ways to Make Kids’ Preschool Worry-Free


The things that go through the minds of parents while their kids are not with them are huge and infinite. Parents’ heads can get very creative imagining all logical possibilities and even the less logical ones. So many what ifs float around their minds. Of course, parents would always worry about their children, who they are in close proximity with from birth until years after. Despite no solid threats, sending their kids to Pre-School and Daycare in El Paso, Texas terrifies them just as much as if they would send their kids to any Childcare Center in Texas. Parents cannot just be always anxious, right? There must be a way to make sure that their kids will be just fine. Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare, with its Bilingual Teachers and excellent programs, can lessen both children’s and parents’ worries.

  • Open Communication
    Like anything in life, good communication solves almost all problems. The fear that parents have about their kids derive from the uncertainty of what could possibly happen to the kids while they are out of their sight. To put an end to these worries, parents should talk to the kids’ teachers about what happens to their children while they are not with them. Perhaps what the teachers report is very much different and less negative than how the parents imagine their children are like at school. Maybe their kids are actually enjoying a lot, making many friends, and are participating actively in class. Besides talking to the teachers, it is important to talk directly to the kids. If parents are concerned if their children are anxious, sad, and afraid while they are apart, they should ask their kids how they are feeling. Asking them about how they cope with negative feelings and perhaps giving them good advice can help children deal with their emotions and situations.
  • Stay Connected
    One of the things that get parents so worried about being separated from their children is perhaps because they are so used to having their kids with them all of the time. Maybe it is not only the kids who experience separation anxiety—the parents may also experience it. To keep that feeling of connection and to make sure the adults can respond quickly if anything happens to their children, parents can do two things. One is to exchange contact information with teachers so they can be called, emailed, sent a letter or a fax, or contacted through other ways. The second is to let the children take with them a toy, a hat, a jacket, or anything that is an emblem of the parents’ closeness to their children so that they both feel assured knowing they are always together.

It is not that easy to make preschool life worry-free, but parents can always try to do something about it so the anxiety they both face can be lifted off.

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