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Nothing is more important than a good education. It is what shapes your children’s future in so many ways. What they learn and internalize early on becomes an essential part of who they are. We at Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare in El Paso, Texas, will provide your children with all the tools and experiences they could possibly need to become bright and well-rounded individuals, even at an early age.

At our Childcare Center in Texas, we offer various kinds of programs that will enhance your child’s physical and emotional growth. It is our duty to help them figure out what they’re good at and enhance their skills and talents. Through our programs, your children will know how special they are and how much potential they possess.

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In building a Christian character, we encourage the children to give thanks before each meal. We also teach the children the true meanings behind religious holidays. If you oppose your child’s participation, please feel free to advise the office staff. Noah’s Nook does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, or political belief. Our kind and dedicated teachers are the best and most qualified role models to administer these uniquely tailored educational measures that’ll help your kids realize their gifts. Our job is to work with parents to increase their children’s chances of living a better life. We have all the facilities to accomplish all of that and more!

  • Newborn to Age 13
  • Pre-School & After School Curriculum Character & Moral Training
  • CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Field Trips & Summer Activities
  • Christmas & Graduation Ceremonies
  • Hot Meals Provided
  • CCS Government Program Accepted
  • After-School Pick-Ups
  • Bilingual Teachers
  • Full View Cameras & Security Alarm Doors
  • Toddler & Pre-School Playgrounds
  • Individual Classes According to the Children’s Needs

Jose & Bertha Nazario – Owners Annie Nazario – Director

As parents, we always seek to provide a better life for our children through the ideal education. We at Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare look to be partners with you in achieving this goal. Schedule a tour of our facilities today!