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Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare provides quality and fun educational programs for your young ones as they start to grow and get to know the world. We want your children to develop at their own pace and enjoy life at an early age while they spend their time at our Childcare Center in Texas. We want them to explore as much of their surroundings as they can and learn from their everyday experiences while at the same time keeping them safe. It is our duty to work together with parents to find out the best ways to educate their children. Children are unique in their own way, which is why they need the special and tailored programs our facility provides to adequately support their level of learning. Being a parent means making the right decisions for your child. If you seek to enrich their early childhood life with quality education, then Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare is definitely the ideal choice for you! Parental involvement is greatly appreciated; therefore, if you have any special stories, projects, or crafts that you would like to share, please contact us. The children will deeply benefit from your talents.

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It is the goal of our highly trained and dedicated educators at Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare to be the ideal role models for your children. We prepare them for what lies ahead by developing their cognitive and emotional skills early on through innovative and age-appropriate education programs. We encourage their ability to be role models to other children their age! Your Faith in us has inspired our motto, “The promise of hope and dreams. Your child’s hopes and dreams are the foundation for our future. We promise to strive to do our best through love and hard work to help initiate these hopes.”

Let us guide our children with wisdom. Let us listen to their problems and help find solutions. Let us give them unconditional love, no matter what. And when they are grown, Let us find the courage to let go. -D.Morgan- 1990

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