5 Fun Education Games to Play at Home for Children in Pre-School and DayCare Kids

5 Fun Education Games to Play at Home for Children in Pre-School and DayCare Kids

We all know how children have so much fun learning in school. Some children love staying in school to learn more, have more fun – which helps with their social skills. Regardless of these facts, we all have to head home and rest. Yet, may the fun not end in school and be continued at home.

As a Childcare Center in Texas, let us share with you these educational and fun games that have always stuck to our core beings when we were younger. Here are some of those classic games that we should pass down to our children:

  1. Simon Says…
    One of the best children’s games there is. This game is not only fun! It can help children with better decision-making. This is also a great way of improving their initiative to do things, to handle things on their own. Their minds are actively thinking of the object Simon needs. In ‘Simon Says’, their thinking and logic are improved through active listening – should they get what they were told if Simon does not say so? This is a great way of teaching good listening to children.
  2. Scavenger Hunt!
    This is one of the most logical and adventurous games for children. Children learn to, not only read but think logically about the clues given. Puzzles are a great way of actively involving children in making a decision and coming up with their own solutions. Mental development is important to young children. This game is also really fun that children explore their ideas by following their own instincts until they get to the treasure! It would, definitely, be worth the hunt!
  3. Touch and Feel
    Imagine how much this game can help improve your child’s imagination. Basically, you only need a box with something inside. It could be a toy, a plate of art materials, or their pet. This game is good for helping your child learn how to be creative and smart with their logic and imagination.
  4. Charades!
    Who doesn’t love guessing games? Like the Touch and Feel, this game can bring the funny moments into learning so everything does not get dull. Nothing beats guessing the word on the card your child pulls out and makes you guess. This game may help your child improve their social skills, their leadership skills, and their logical thinking. Charades can also help your child develop their creativity and initiative.
  5. Message Relay
    This is a great way of seeing how good your child is at absorbing and relaying information. Basically put, it is a game of memory retention. It is a fun game when the whole family also plays since it would keep the child focused on retaining and passing on the information they grasp within the game.

Not all games are nonsensical. There are games that can really benefit the learning experience of a child. These are just some of the games that can help in the development growth of your child at home or at a social gathering. Children of any age can participate in these games.

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