How to Deal with Misbehaving Kids


Kids ages 4 to 6 can be full of energy. Too much energy that makes it hard for them to contain. Sometimes, they even forget that there are people around them and they need to behave. In a classroom, children can get so excited about the new friends they make that they could not stop talking. While some kids may find it annoying that not all attention is given to them so they seek for it.

For how many years, Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare, a Pre-School and Daycare in El Paso, Texas has been looking for ways on how to tame these misbehaving kids. It is such a challenge because one has to be very careful with the kind of discipline that we implement on them. Being too harsh in our punishment can result in inciting fear towards our children. While being too lenient with them can also make them not afraid of punishment.

Now you can let out a sigh of relief as we give you some sure-fire tips on how to handle misbehaving kids:

  • Call out their attention without being harsh

    The key to effective discipline to our kids is remaining calm and composed. There is no use in getting angry because our children will not totally understand us. So when we see a kid in the classroom playing with their stuff and not listening to the teacher, the best that we can do is to call out their attention as a warning.

    We can ask them to keep their stuff and listen. If they do not heed such warning, we have to wait for the class to end and talk to them personally. We ask them to speak for themselves as to why they did such thing despite being reprimanded by the teacher. Asking them to speak is one way of understanding their action as well.

  • Avoid letting out bad and negative words

    Our anger can sometimes lead us to say unlikely words. We may have said something that is hurtful to the child. These negative words can affect the child’s self-confidence and it can have a long-term effect on how they see their behavior as well.

    If there is a need to tell them that what they did was wrong, the best thing that we can do is to channel our anger in a positive manner. Perhaps, calm yourself first before you start talking. You can start by, “I know you were excited to play your new toy, but during class hours, you must know when to keep them and listen to your teacher” We make sure that they understand that what they did was wrong and they should not do it again.

  • Once you have settled the issue, there is no use mulling over it

    This is one thing that most teachers should keep in mind. Once the issue is over and the child has apologized and you have reminded them of their role, then we have to put an end to it already. So when the child commits another mistake again in the future, we avoid bringing up the past mistakes. Doing so only contributes to the child’s worsening behavior. It gives them the impression that they will be forever seen as a rowdy kid and they will always be the teacher’s favorite person to check on.

    Childcare is not an easy walk in the park. We have so many things to consider before we open your mouth or doing something ridiculous. It also takes a whole lot of patience to be able to handle our kids well. But everything will be worth it when we see that our child grows up as someone responsible and full of values.

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