“Screen Time” Time-Out: 6 Best Learning Activities for Kids Offline

“Screen Time” Time-Out: 6 Best Learning Activities for Kids Offline

Taking your kids’ screen time off doesn’t have to mean that they’re being punished; they just have to be aware of the other fun alternatives. Leaving them to their own devices (literally) could make them highly dependent on the internet for entertainment, they should know that there’s a world outside the internet where they could have fun too:

  1. Play Classic Board Games
    Board games have survived the midst of the digital age because they’re engaging and highly stimulating. Scrabble, Monopoly, and Chess are just some of the many fun board games for kids that require critical thinking and encourage family bonding at the same time.
  2. Role-Play
    When it comes to role-playing, children’s creativity runs wild and that’s a good thing. It’s our duty, as sensible adults, to facilitate these role plays and ensure that their scripts stay within the lines of respect, among others. It also teaches them proper social etiquettes and is a fun way to learn how to socialize with other people.
  3. Scavenger Hunting
    This could also be through a detective game, or even an amazing race! Children are easily stimulated by things that puzzle them, but this could be even more effective when a reward is guaranteed at the end of the road. It’s a great way to teach kids the value of delayed gratification – to work hard for something that you want to achieve. In the long run, learning this valuable trait could even set them up for success.
  4. Complete Puzzles
    Puzzles are a great way to harness their ability to focus on one task at a time. Focus is especially important in this digital age when the internet allows us to be easily distracted. Aside from focus, completing puzzles, along with scavenger hunting and reading books would help develop the need for children to finish what they started.
    When doing these activities, make sure that the puzzle or task is challenging enough to be engaging but not too hard that they’d get discouraged.
  5. Build Things Out Of Legos and Play-doughs
    This is the best way to exercise your child’s ability to build something out of nothing, or creativity for short. It is a well-established fact that resourceful kids could adapt better later in life and are therefore less susceptible to stress-induced ailments.
  6. Get Crafty
    Chock in some crayons and let them play around with art. Frame their finished work or output on a wall where they could see them. Positive reinforcement works very well for children. When they see that their work is appreciated, chances are high that they’ll want to do it again.

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