Smart Parenting: What Does Your Child Play With?


It’s becoming clearer and clearer that kids today tend to be very smart and witty. In fact, some kids are quite advanced for their age. Hence, they would want to engage in something more novel and with some level of difficulty. They find such challenge in the kind of games they play. Most kids would want to play with clays and building blocks, while others marvel at the wonders brought about by technology.

As parents, we want our child to experience a good childhood. May it be letting them go on playdates or letting them know how to skillfully use our mobile tablets. Although these forms of enjoyment and games have proved to help our child’s hand and eye coordination, there are also disadvantages to such use of technologies. Our Pre-school and Daycare in El Paso, Texas, Noah’s Nook Pre-school & DayCare, we always want to inculcate learning in the games our children play.

What are the common games that our child play?

Outdoor games
  • kickball
  • playhouse
  • any kind of sport
Indoor games
  • board games
  • action figures
  • video games

With a multitude of options available for our kids, it has become a difficult task to determine which games work best for their age. Pre-schools and childcare center can help facilitate the kind of game that your child can play. Our facilities and toys are provided to cater to the child’s needs. We make sure that they learn social values even in a simple game. We also encourage teamwork and friendship in our center.

How do we know that a game is appropriate for the child?
In determining whether your kid is playing something that is appropriate for them, here are some guidelines that you can consider:

  1. Is the game safe for your child?
    Knowing your child’s age is a factor in choosing the kind of game that you should let them play. If they are too young for a team game or for a mobile game, then it is best to have them play board games appropriate for their age.
  2. What are the rules of the game?
    There are games that are more inclined to teamwork. Sometimes, in this kind of game, there can be older kids who tend to be very aggressive in playing. If you think your child is too young for this, you can opt to join a game for the younger ones.

Setting a clear and easy rule is very helpful. It keeps trouble away from children. It also helps them develop a sense of obedience. Since the rule will set the guidelines for the game, they will know how to abide by them.

Our childhood days are the best! It is where we can freely play and meet new people. Our Childcare Center in Texas, Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare is the perfect venue for your child to enjoy their carefree days. With our child-friendly programs and facilities, you are sure that your child is in good hands!

To know more about our daycare and our summer offers, you can browse our website or leave us a message!

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