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Nature and Children: Ways to Teach Them to Love the Environment

It’s never too early to teach your kid to love the world around them. After all, this is the only world we can leave them behind. As soon as they get a grasp of the flowers, trees, and animals, you can begin planting seeds of love in their hearts. As parents, this is very crucial … Continue reading

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How Well Does Your Kid Handle Refusals? : Tips for Parents

Parenting is such hard work. You know this to be true when you refuse your kids about something they want. While their reactions can be varied, it can range from crying, wailing, kicking, and perhaps the most challenging, tantrums. How we wish that kids can just take refusals in a stride, right? But just like … Continue reading

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Helping Your Preschoolers Learn and Have Fun While at Home

When your little one starts pre-school, their eyes will be open to the wonders of learning, play, and socializing with other kids. Pre-school only lasts for a few hours though, and sometimes, your kid may need a little help when it comes to coping with the lessons that are being taught—no matter how basic or … Continue reading

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The Stages of Early Childhood and Growth, and How to Deal with Them

Although not much may be learned during these years academically, early childhood is the most crucial aspect of an individual’s life. Things experienced by the child between the ages of 0 to 6 will work as the foundation of their personality, perception, interests, and even fears. It is very important, therefore, to take particular care … Continue reading