Helping Your Preschoolers Learn and Have Fun While at Home

Helping Your Preschoolers Learn and Have Fun While at Home

When your little one starts pre-school, their eyes will be open to the wonders of learning, play, and socializing with other kids. Pre-school only lasts for a few hours though, and sometimes, your kid may need a little help when it comes to coping with the lessons that are being taught—no matter how basic or simple it might be. That is why it is important to provide them with a little support while they are at home so that they wouldn’t experience difficulty coping with pre-school. With that, here are a few things you can let your preschoolers do at home which will greatly help them in their mental, physical, and emotional growth and development:

  • Arts and Crafts
    Art is an avenue for your child’s imaginative and creative skills to blossom. Allowing them to spend time on arts and crafts will also be helpful for their emotional growth, as they can learn to express themselves in different ways. Spread a huge poster paper on the floor or over your kid’s play table, throw in some non-toxic coloring materials and let their imagination go wild.
  • Educational Games and Audiobooks
    If you have a tablet designed for kids, then it will be a great idea to download educational games and even stories on it for your little ones. Learning will be more fun to them if they are doing so through play, especially with games that can stimulate their brains and even practice their eye-and-hand coordination. To protect their eyes, you can allot an hour or two for play, and after a meal or nap time, plug in a pair of soft earphones and have them listen to an audio story. These will also greatly help in sharpening your kid’s focus, which is important in pre-school and learning.
  • Storytime and Pretend Play
    Storytime is an integral part of a child’s learning experience, because it allows them to pay attention to details, familiarize with the personalities of various characters in the story, and of course, learn a moral lesson in the end. Pretend play bolsters their confidence and allows your kids to be socially adept. Practicing these at home will be a great way to get them ready not just for school but also for the real world, and also encourage independence and self-confidence.

Choosing a school that will give your child the right push and guiding hand in their path to become adept is a very important decision. The choice is easy, though, with us at Noah’s Nook Pre-school & Daycare. We are a childcare center in Texas that offers a quality and holistic educational and personal experience for your kids through carefully-planned programs, a comfortable and engaging environment, and bilingual teachers. We are more than just a pre-school and daycare in El Paso, Texas, for we see to it that your little ones get the proper attention, care, guidance, and nurturing they need to achieve a healthy early growth and development.

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