Fun Indoor Activities for Your Preschooler


Keeping your little one occupied when at home can be a challenging thing to do. Children are so full of boundless energy and a natural curiosity that they can sometimes get into trouble, damage items in your home, or simply keep you from doing anything else other than supervise and chastise them. The most ideal way to keep a child busy and happy is through fun indoor games and activities. This way, you’re sure that your little one is safe inside your home, while at the same time, you are able to do your own personal tasks and activities.

The following is a list of fun indoor activities for your little one, complete with steps on how they can be done or played. When your child is not at a childcare center in Texas, then these activities will really come in handy so you can get your tasks at home done:

Socks Ball
This game not only keeps your little one busy but will also teach them to become more responsible.

  • When the clothes are finished being washed and dried, separate the socks from the rest of the clothes.
  • Ask your child to pair the socks together appropriately. After which, teach them how to fold each pair into a “ball”.
  • Arrange shoe boxes or baskets a few feet apart from where your child is, each labeled with the names of family members
  • Tell your child to shoot each pair of socks at the appropriate box or basket. Reward them with a prize if they got the job done.

Box Car
This activity boosts your child’s imagination while giving them hours of fun.

  • Find a box in which your little one can fit into.
  • Spread some used newspaper on the ground, and place the box on top. Then, pour in some poster paints and other coloring materials.
  • Cut out a “steering wheel” from one of the box flaps.
  • Ask your child to decorate the box and “steering wheel” however they like.
  • Position the box in front of the television, so your child can pretend as if they’re “driving” through the show they are watching.

Bean Sensory Tub
This activity helps develop your child’s fine motor skills.

  • Get a large plastic container box or tub (about 8-10 inches deep), and fill ¾ of the container with dry beans.
  • Throw in a few plastic measuring cups and some number and shapes toys into the tub.
  • Let your child play.

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