Bilingual Learning at Home: How Can Parents Be Reinforcements?

Bilingual Learning at Home How Can Parents Be Reinforcements

The perks of a bilingual person are now gaining more attention especially with the world getting closer to one another. With more opportunities to interact and visit different countries, the need for clear communication has also increased.

We’re glad to say that this bilingual capacity can be an asset that is easily nurtured at childhood. You see, in the first five years of your child, their brain acts like a sponge. They’re quick to absorb lessons and ideas so that they can build on these as the foundation to their lifelong learning. Because we recognize the efficiency of being a bilingual speaker, we have Bilingual Teachers to teach these skills to our preschoolers.

Now that we’ve got the school part covered, you must be wondering about your own role at home. Well, do you know that even if you’re not well-versed in another language, you can still back your child up in this learning?

Here are helpful tips on how this is achieved.

  • Let them practice on the right occasion
    As parents, we understand how learning a new language can be an exciting milestone for your child and for you. This might even tempt you to put your child in a mini-show of what they’re capable of doing. While some children are alright with this, your child may feel some pressure, which can be a hindrance in their learning. As a Pre-School and Daycare in El Paso, Texas, we say let them practice not because you want to show their skills, but because their skills are needed on a right occasion.
  • Let them play with relevant apps
    In this age of technology, you can already access different applications and games with bilingual features. These are great exposures for your child to practice their bilingual knowledge. These online features can also be an open door for you to learn some vocabulary yourself while at the same time, bond with your little one. Don’t hesitate to search online for the appropriate program application ideal for this situation.
  • Give them bilingual books and read this together
    As a Childcare Center in Texas, we highly advocate the practice of reading is greatly beneficial to their overall learning. How much more appropriate is this when it comes to the child’s development! So even if you don’t have a clear understanding of the language being used, grab it to read to your child so they can also practice with you.
  • Watch a movie together with language translated
    Understandably, it should be a movie that your little one will also enjoy watching. As you watch, you can take this opportunity to work on some translation and pronunciation guides. These may be simple words but it’s already a great start for your child to review what they’ve learned.

At Noah’s Nook Pre-School & DayCare, we help you nurture the overall potential of your little one so they can enjoy the full benefits of being a bilingual child.

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