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Bilingual Learning at Home: How Can Parents Be Reinforcements?

The perks of a bilingual person are now gaining more attention especially with the world getting closer to one another. With more opportunities to interact and visit different countries, the need for clear communication has also increased. We’re glad to say that this bilingual capacity can be an asset that is easily nurtured at childhood. … Continue reading

5 Safe and Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Even if your little one is no longer a toddler and would now be ready to learn their fundamental basics through preschool, play still comprises most of their early growth and development. That is why it will be very helpful to give them toys that are not only fun and stimulating but are educational as … Continue reading

Tips on Preparing Your Little One for Preschool

Preschool is the beginning of your child’s educational path—it is the foundation upon which your child’s intellectual, emotional, and even physical growth and development will be built upon. Getting your little one to leave toddler years behind and preparing them for preschool may be difficult for them, as they are used to being at home … Continue reading

Helping Your Preschoolers Learn and Have Fun While at Home

When your little one starts pre-school, their eyes will be open to the wonders of learning, play, and socializing with other kids. Pre-school only lasts for a few hours though, and sometimes, your kid may need a little help when it comes to coping with the lessons that are being taught—no matter how basic or … Continue reading