5 Safe and Educational Toys for Preschoolers

5 Safe and Educational Toys for Preschoolers

Even if your little one is no longer a toddler and would now be ready to learn their fundamental basics through preschool, play still comprises most of their early growth and development. That is why it will be very helpful to give them toys that are not only fun and stimulating but are educational as well. If you are unsure on the playthings to give your child, then worry not, as we listed down 5 safe and educational toys that your little preschooler will surely enjoy:

  1. Puzzles
    These toys sharpen your child’s focus and problem-solving skills and are a great way to keep them busy as well. Choose puzzles which have big pieces, to prevent your preschooler from accidentally ingesting it and also to allow easy finding of the pieces in case they get scattered or lost.
  2. Wooden Blocks
    Wooden blocks are perfect for stimulating your child’s imagination, while also practicing their motor skills through grip and hold. Wooden blocks come in different shapes, so your little one can build anything they want. What’s great about these blocks is that they are durable, smoothly carved and lightweight to prevent injuries, and also come in good sizes to prevent being ingested.
  3. Educational and Cooperative Board Games
    Unlike most board games whose main goal involves competition, cooperative board games teach team play, practices fine motor skills, and teach various things such as numbers and counting, colors, shapes, or even the Alphabet!
  4. Magnetic Sketch Boards
    Let your little one’s creativity flow with these sketch boards that use magnetic technology for erasures, allowing multiple uses. These boards are perfect for guessing games, practicing writing, or just plain drawing from imagination. They also leave no chalk residue or any other substance which may cause harm to your little ones.
  5. Puppets
    Puppets are a great way for your child to engage in storytelling, character recognition, and speech coordination. You can play with your little one and create a mini stage where the puppets can “perform”, or even invite over some of your little one’s friends to have a group play.

As your little one enters preschool, they will now be learning many things that are essential to their physical, intellectual, and emotional growth and development, so it is important to support them along the way. Finding a good preschool is one of the most important steps in helping your child’s early growth.

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