Tips on Preparing Your Little One for Preschool

Tips on Preparing Your Little One for Preschool

Preschool is the beginning of your child’s educational path—it is the foundation upon which your child’s intellectual, emotional, and even physical growth and development will be built upon. Getting your little one to leave toddler years behind and preparing them for preschool may be difficult for them, as they are used to being at home and just playing, eating, and napping all day. Giving them an idea on what to expect and helping them get ready, however, will definitely help in their self-confidence. If done properly, your little one may even be the one all-too eager to go to school!

  • Use Pretend Play to Introduce the Idea of Preschool
    Children love to play pretend, so use this to your advantage and start introducing the concept of preschool through pretend play. Play as the teacher, and, with your child, act out the daily routines of going to preschool such as saying goodbye to mommy or daddy, saying hello to the teacher and classmates, singing songs, reading stories, playing, and taking naps. With this, your little one will see preschool as an exciting experience and will be looking forward to the real one and their first day.
  • Prepare their Minds by Teaching Some Basic Fundamentals
    Preschool will be where your kids will be learning, and learning, of course, requires focus. So while they are still at home, dedicate some time to reading books to your little ones, and telling them interactive stories where they can learn and enjoy. Teach them a few basics, such as shapes, colors, or numbers. This way, they will be prepared to learn and will also have the focus and interest needed for them to participate in class.
  • Practice their Independence Through Games
    Preschool doesn’t only provide your child with academic education, it is also where they can practice independence. Help your little one practice their independence even while at home. Teach them basic self-help skills such as unzipping and zipping their bags, taking out their snacks, putting on their shoes, and washing their hands. Make games out of these little tasks so that they wouldn’t see it as boring activities.

Lastly, it is important to choose the right preschool that can provide a holistic learning experience for your child—one that will not only teach them their fundamental basics but will also help them develop their skills and other aspects of their personalities. This way, your little one will grow to be an overall healthy and happy child.

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